Are you an ESL or Language teacher looking to get paid from Chinese clients?​

I've been in your shoes.

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Since I lived in China for a brief period in 2015, I’ve worked with a variety of students as an ESL teacher (and as a freelance web developer). My biggest problem being a foreigner was wanting to get paid easily – in a way that I could save money back home. 

Especially with recent changes that prevent Chinese ESL companies from hiring foreign teachers – it’s more important than ever for freelancers or part-time English teachers to have direct relationships with students in order to get paid directly. 

That’s why I created China Payments Plugin.

“China Payments Plugin is built for freelancers and businesses targeting the Chinese market. It opens your business – products or services – to China, facilitating seamless payments for WeChat Pay and Alipay.”

Whether you have an existing website or not, you can implement China Payments Plugin. 

If you have a WordPress site – great! You’re good to go, and all you need is a account and our plugin installed.

If you don’t have a WordPress site yet, reach out to us on our support page, and we can set you up with a Hosted Payment Page for accepting WeChat Pay and Alipay payments. You can even configure it with your own domain name. 


Wait a second...what's the catch?

There is none! I simply recognized how hard it was for freelancers to get paid by Chinese clients and built a simple, seamless solution to solve the problem. The solution comes in the form of a WordPress plugin that gives you a payment form for WeChat Pay and Alipay in order to get paid by your Chinese clients. 

How much does China Payments Plugin cost?

We offer a free version of China Payments Plugin with limited features for accepting one-time credit card payments.

The PRO version is $99/year and includes credit card subscription payments, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and a whole bunch of other features that help improve the checkout process for the Chinese market. 

You do need a account to use China Payments Plugin, and we don’t charge any transaction fees on top of Stripe’s standard transaction fees. Read more in our documentation.

What are my other alternatives?

I’ve done quite a bit of research about accepting WeChat Pay and Alipay payments. Most businesses need to register in China, obtain a Chinese business license, and then get a WeChat Official Account that supports WeChat Pay (it’s a similar process for Alipay). 

In recent years, Stripe has forged partnerships with the companies behind WeChat Pay and Alipay to facilitate cross-border payments for non-Chinese businesses. 

There are other cross-border payment providers besides Stripe, but from my research, none of them are as highly developed and well-supported as Stripe. Other payment processors’ fees also vary widely as to what they may charge you for accepting payments on your behalf and then distributing payments to you. 

China Payments Plugin puts you in the driver’s seat, so you can get paid directly by your clients by utilizing Stripe’s powerful payments platform. It’s the best solution I’ve seen around, and if you find something better, let our team know.

And don’t believe me – just read what our Clients have to say.